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HTML for Microservices


Frustrated with JSON microservices I explore HTML5 as a viable, alternative exchange format. This can encourage good practises, reduce code complexity and turn inaccessible APIs into general-purpose tools anyone in your organisation can use. While HTML is seen as verbose compared with JSON, I also explore modern techniques to reduce markup...

On Kindness


One of my tweets went viral. Interestingly, while I got a few new followers it didn't really 'move the needle'. But what's even more interesting is the 70 or so replies. Most were supportive. The rest questioned some of the assumptions in the tweet. I felt a lot of these though misunderstood what I was trying to saying. 140 characters doesn't really allow you to explore nuance so I wanted to use this blog post to drill into each point and expand on it...

Say 'No' to Home Technical Tests


At least in London, home technical tests have become a popular way to screen freelance developers. On paper they're great but be cautious about doing them...

Anatomy of a Rebase


One of the most useful features of git is rebasing and I've become a big fan of the rebase workflow. But it's still an immature area without a lot of guidance. Typically, developers fall into revision history anti-patterns leading to unreadable, messy histories. This article describes a set of rebase rules that I hope helps improve this situation...